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Work of Kristen Necessary Exhibited in March

Construct her work using combinations of technique from print, drawing, photography and collage

Kristen Necessary's artwork will be exhibited at Iowa Library Services/State Library - Main Library, Babcock Miller Building, corner of E. 12th and Grand - duringĀ  the month of March 2013.

Said Necessary about her work:

"I search to find the elegance, the humor, and the humanity in our constructed environments. I explore the ways people structure place and how, in turn, a place can shape a people. Investigating this interdependent relationship of place and identity, with a focus on domestic space and vernacular culture, is the foundation of my artistic practice.

I construct my work using varying combinations of technique from the disciplines of print, drawing, photography, and collage. Combining traditional fine art techniques with the language of decorative craft culture, my explorations exhibit as installation, works on paper, and artist books. In this practice, representation becomes re-presentation with the intent of provoking awareness to the quotidian core of our life experience."

To see examples of Kristen's unique work go to her website.

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