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Results of Iowa Library Services survey

406 Iowa librarians took a survey about Iowa Library Services earlier this month.  94% of the respondents work in public libraries and 6% of the respondents work in academic, school or other types of libraries.  The survey was open from February 1 through February 11.

In response to the question "How do you rate the programs and services your library receives from Iowa Library Services (including the Des Moines office and 6 district offices)":

  • 2 respondents (0.5% of 406) answered "poor"
  • 49 respondents (12.1% of 406) answered "fair"
  • 194 respondents (47.8% of 406) answered "good"
  • 161 respondents (39.7% of 406) answered "excellent"

The survey included three optional open-ended questions.

  • Question 3, "Please tell us about a recent experience in which you participated in an Iowa Library Services program or received a service from IaLS", received 278 responses.
  • Question 4, "What could be done to make a difference in the programs and services that your library receives from IaLS?", received 221 responses.
  • Question 5, "What additional programs or services would you like Iowa Library Services to provide?", received 198 responses.

Said State Librarian Mary Wegner, "Responses to the open-ended questions were thoughtful and will help us improve our services to the Iowa library community.  We are in the process of categorizing and analyzing the responses, and will share additional information about them with you in the future.  We will also discuss survey results with the Iowa Commission of Libraries (the governing board of Iowa Library Services/State Library) and with the IaLS Advisory Panel at meetings next week."


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