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Thinking about joining NEIBORS or WILBOR?

Deadline is September 20

NEIBORS and WILBOR are two library consortia for downloadable audio books and e-books coordinated by Iowa Library Services (IaLS). If you are interested in joining NEIBORS / WILBOR, read on!

Enrollment deadline is September 20.


In the first year of participation, there is a one-time $500 setup charge assessed by OverDrive, the company that provides the service.  Second, there is an annual fee of $300 base price plus $0.09 / per capita.  Per capita is based on population figures certified by the Secretary of State's office; those figures and pricing for each library are posted on the IaLS website: (see "price list" from left-hand menu options).

The annual fee for libraries joining at this time period will be pro-rated through June 30, 2014.  (Libraries will be invoiced at a later date for the fee, which will be due at the end of November.  Do not send payment until you receive an invoice.) The service for patrons of those libraries will go "live" on or about October 31 - November 15, 2013.

Letters of Agreement:

Libraries joining at this enrollment time will need to sign and return a "Letter of Agreement" by September 20 (see link below).  They will then receive a second Letter of Agreement from Overdrive, the company that hosts NEIBORS and WILBOR.   Letters spell out the timeframe for returning paperwork and payment, the pricing as explained above, member library responsibilities, and how Iowa Library Services helps support this service.  Again, the Letter of Agreement and the pricing schedule are on the IaLS website: (See the left-hand menu box of the website page and choose the agreement for your consortium.)

Please note that the consortium agreement includes this statement: "The Library agrees to make this service available only to residents of its own city, rural residents of its own county, and/or residents of contracting cities.  Open Access customers are not eligible for this service."


If you have questions, please contact your District Office:

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