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Governor proclaims October Information Literacy Awareness Month

Governor Terry Branstad has issued a proclamation declaring October as Information Literacy Awareness Month.  With this proclamation, Iowa joins 37 other states who have issued similar proclamations in support of the national initiative originating with President Obama in 2009.  Information literacy skills are essential in order to have an informed and educated citizenry; to strengthen economic development; and for citizens to work in highly skilled jobs and compete at high levels in the global economy.  President Obama's proclamation was the first ever to recognize the critical importance of information literacy to the overall welfare of the American people.

A copy of the Iowa proclamation can be found on the ILA website.  The national initiative has a website with additional information about what you can do to promote information literacy in your communities.  Visit for more information.  Libraries' support of information literacy should be a talking point when you speak to your legislators.  Remind them of all the ways that libraries promote literacy, and the impact that has on the community.

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