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Working better, faster and easier!

Hundreds of Iowa librarians attended this year's Town Meetings. See photos.

Working better, faster and easier!

Urbandale Town Meeting

Tips, advice and tools to help librarians manage their library work lives were presented to 435 attendees at this year's Town Meetings. (See photos.) The morning discussion, lead by IaLS Consultant Marie Harms, centered on helping librarians identify strategies to learn how to increase their productivity so they could do more with less stress. Earlier, Nancy Medema, Program Director for the Library Support Network, presented "Library Talk" in which guest librarians from Iowa libraries explained dramatic transitions as they moved into new library positions ("How I Managed to Survive the Move to the Top").

This year's skit featured the ever popular Not Ready for Prime Time Players (Mary Wegner, Marie Harms, Alysia Peich, Becky Heil, Nancy Medema and Jay Peterson). "Corny and Honora: A tale of woe and triumph" centered on two new librarians. Corny (Harms) had no experience being a librarian, and even worse, had no one to teach her the ropes. After throwing a wild party after hours at the library, she is reprimanded by her board chair (Mary Wegner) and quits in a frenzy of frustration. Bottom line: She didn't know it would be a problem. Unlike Corny, scene two shows another new librarian taking helm (Becky Heil as Honora). Honora gets plenty of training and support from her board, and other librarians - including a staffer from Iowa Library Services (Alysia Peich). She also had well kept notes from the previous librarian.

Afternoon sessions included "Keep Calm and Email on: Email Management and Etiquette" (Jay Peterson and Alysia Peich), "Everyday Tools for the Organized Librarian" (Becky Heil) and "Learning Express 3.0" (Jackie Weber, Learning Express Training Specialist).

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