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The unique photography of Cindy Skeie at Main Library

"SkeieScapes" is on display in the Main Library during the month of January. The Main Library is located in the Miller Building at the corner of E. 12th St. and Grand Ave. in Des Moines. Our hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. For more information: 800-248-4483, 515-281-4352, or For directions and a map click here.

From Cindy Skeie:


I am often told that I have a unique perspective on nature. From flowers to bugs to fungus, macro photography allows me to discover the intricate beauty that exists everywhere in nature. I've discovered that up close, the brilliance of a flower from a different angle, sap dripping from a tree or even moss growing on a dead log reveals itself in different ways.


My love affair with macro photography started when i took up gardening. While tending to my flowers, I noticed that the closer I go t the more fascinating they became. My camera opened me up to a whole new world I wasn't able to capture with my own eyes.



I recently began traveling to Central America discovering the spectacular macro world that exists in the rain forests. But I'm still surprised at what I continue to find in my own backyard. I'm amazed every time I discover the beauty of nature in unexpected places. However, what is most rewarding is when someone thanks me for showing them how to look at their gardens or nature from a different point of view.

Fishcer - Capitol and statue




I hope that my images give you a deeper appreciation of just how extraordinary nature is...especially when you take the time to get so close to it.

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