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Accreditation and Standards

Application forms for the upcoming FY15 Accreditation and Direct State Aid Tier Level are now ready.


Application Deadline for FY15 is February 28, 2014.

You will need to reapply for the upcoming fiscal year (FY15) if your current Accreditation or Tier Level status is due to expire on June 30, 2014. Email notifications will be sent to all directors as notification of your filing status. Your application and all supporting documentation for FY15 is due February 28, 2014.

FY15 Online Application Form
- The online application form is the preferred method to apply for Accreditation and Tier Level Status. You will need the same user name and password that you use to login to the annual survey. You can contact Toni Blair or 800-248-4483 if you need your user name and password.

Bibliostat Collect, the software used for the online accreditation form, had a minor upgrade 11/27/2013. The changes make the submittal process a little more intuitive. You can see a short preview of the changes and what they mean here. Also note that there is a problem using Bibliostat Collect with Internet Explorer version 10 or later. To use IE 10, please follow the instructions listed here.

FY15 Print Application Form
- Use this form as an aid for filling out the online form. Please use the online form above to submit your final application.

Supporting Documentation Checklist -
This is no longer a separate document. It is now part of the online and print application forms.

5th edition of In Service to Iowa
- The manual for Iowa Library Services' standards and accreditation program. It is used to document the condition of public library service in Iowa, to distribute Direct State Aid funding, and to meet statutory requirements. The link will take you to the an electronic (PDF) version of the manual. Two copies of the printed manual were sent to each library director. If you need more, you can purchase them for $3 each. Contact Fran Fessler to order extra copies. Please discard all previous drafts or editions.

Accreditation and Tier Status - FY14
- Accreditation and Tier Status of all public libraries as of November 15, 2013. Also shown is status expiration. Updated regularly.

A library's accreditation and tier level status is good for three years.

  • Tier 3 libraries reapply every three years.
  • Tier 1 & 2 libraries reapply every three years. They may apply again before the three years has expired if they can improve their status.
  • Tier 0 libraries may apply each year to attain Tier 1-3 status. Once they have achieved Tier 1-3 status they need to reapply every three years.



Iowa Library Services documents the condition of public library service in Iowa (Code of Iowa (256.51 (j)) by requiring public libraries to submit accreditation reports.

Iowa’s public library accreditation program has been in place since 1986 based on In Service to Iowa:  Public Library Measure of Quality, 1985. The library community revised In Service to Iowa:  Public Library Measures of Quality in 1989, 1997 and 2004. A new revised 5th edition called In Service to Iowa: Public Library Standards was released in December of 2010.

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