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Public Library Annual Survey and Statistics

Iowa Library Services encourages all Iowa public libraries to participate in the Annual Survey.  Data submitted in the Annual Survey is used on the local, regional, state, and federal levels. Filing a complete annual survey is one of the requirements to receive Enrich Iowa: Direct State Aid funding.

The statistics gathered in the Annual Survey are helpful when librarians want to:

  • Compare their own library activity from year to year
  • Compare information from libraries of similar size
  • Obtain statistics to support budget requests
  • Analyze the needs of their community
  • Plan how the library will serve the community in the future

The FY13 Public Library Annual Survey is now available online! Survey deadline is October 31, 2013


  • The FY13 public library annual survey is available again in online and in print versions.  The print version is to aid data collection only. Printed versions of the survey will not be accepted without prior approval from Scott Dermont.
  • The user name and password for each library is the same as those used last year. We will send an email message containing user names and passwords to each library as a reminder. You can also request your login and password by contacting Toni Blair or Fran Fessler.
  • You can download and print a PDF or web page version of  previous surveys from FY00-FY13 once logged into Web Collect.
  • There will be no early submittal date this year.

Web Collect
Use this link to connect to the online version of the survey.

Print Survey FY13
Use the print version of the survey to aid in data collection only. Printed versions of the survey will not be accepted without prior approval from Scott Dermont.

Print Instructions FY13
A printable version on the instructions. A helpful aid when filling out the survey.

Changes to FY13 survey
This document shows the changes to the FY13 annual survey.

Online Tutorials
A set of self-paced tutorials to help you learn how to use the survey interface and answer questions about the survey. We'll be adding new tutorials over time and will eventually cover all aspects of the online survey. Updated 9/1/2011.

Other Useful Links and Files


Web Connect

The powerful web-based software program offering easy access to and manipulation of Iowa public library statistics.  With Connect you can quickly create rank order tables and colorful graphs and tables. You can also use tools that enable you to organize your results into a report or presentation. FY12 is the most current data.

Iowa Public Library Statistics, FY99 - Current

Selected results from the Annual Survey.

Institute of Museums and Library Services

National data, publications, and peer comparisons for public libraries, also data for State Library agencies.

  • Library Research Service

    The Library Research Service in Colorado provides research information on libraries nationwide.

City Tax Rates and Library Levies
City tax rates and assessed valuation, by county, including the minimum funding amount ($.0675 per thousand) and the amount that could be generated by the $.27 special levy. In (.pdf) and (.xls) formats. For FY13 and previous years. Funding and valuation information is from the Iowa Department of Management. Population is from the 2010 Census.

  • Rural Library Funding
  • Rural library funding by county (.pdf) and (.xls) including per capita and by valuation, for FY14 and previous years. Funding and valuation information is from the Iowa Department of Management. County rural population is from the 2010 Census.

  • Daily Circulation Report
    A manual Circulation Log for public libraries.

Library Board Membership
An online form to collect library board member information.



The public library annual survey:

  • Gathers current information about public service outlets, holdings, staffing, income, expenditures, circulation, services, and hours open.
  • Collects data that is used at the local, regional, state, and national levels to compare library performance, justify budget requests, track library data over time, assist in planning and evaluation, and provide valuable information for grants and other library programs.
  • Is collected by all 50 states according to guidelines established by the Public Library Statistics Cooperative (PLSC). The information contained in the Iowa Public Library Statistics is based on definitions approved by PLSC.
  • Is authorized by Iowa Code 256.51 (g).

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