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Certification Program for Public Librarians

The Iowa Certification Program for Public Librarians is intended to:

  • improve library service in Iowa by developing the skills of public library directors and staff
  • encourage public librarians to acquire, maintain, and develop their skills through basic and continuing education
  • provide recognition for public librarians
  • enhance the public image of librarians and libraries
  • provide guidelines that public library boards may use in developing staff hiring policies

Why become certified?

Reasons for becoming certified include:

  • the Direct State Aid program for public libraries, part of Enrich Iowa, requires certification of the library director
  • commitment to the library profession
  • recognition of ongoing commitment to improving professional skills
  • personal fulfillment
  • career enhancement

Who may become certified?

While the Iowa Certification Program for Public Librarians is voluntary, local boards may require certification of the library director or other staff members. However, due to the requirement for director certification for Direct State Aid, priority is given to directors of public libraries.  For more information on the Public Library Management classes, including the priority order, please visit the Continuing Education pages.

What are the requirements?

There are six different levels of certification based on amount of formal education and library experience.  The first four levels require taking Public Library Management 1 and 2.  For more details about the requirements and documentation for each level, please click here.

What is the application process?

  • Complete the requirements for the desired certification level
  • Complete the Certification Application
  • Send the application along with requested documentation to State Library of Iowa, Certification, 1112 E. Grand, Des Moines, IA 50319

How long is a Certificate valid?

Certification renewal is on a calendar year cycle. Certificates are valid for three years from December of the year of application.  For more information on renewing your Certification, please see the Recertification page.

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