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NEIBORS Guides and Handouts


  • Next Generation NEIBORS 3/2013  pdf doc
  • Devices Chart (What formats and software/apps are compatible/needed for various devices?)  pdf xls
  • Downloading audiobooks to a PC and transferring to a portable player 3/2013      pdf doc
  • Downloading Project Gutenberg Titles 3/2013   pdf doc
  • Advanced Searching (including limiting results to only copies that are available) 3/2013     pdf doc
  • Downloading Audiobooks to a Mac  pdf doc
  • Returning eBooks Early 3/2013   pdf doc
  • Returning Audiobooks Early 3/2013  pdf doc
  • FAQs for Patrons (multiple copies, limiting to "only available copies," returning books early) 5/2013   pdf doc



List of Devices on which you can use the Overdrive Media Console app (2/2013) pdf doc

  • Audiobooks on the Kindle Fire       pdf doc
  • MP3 Audiobooks on a Kindle (not the Fire)    pdf doc
  • Kindle 3/2013   pdf doc
  • Kindle Fire  pdf doc
  • Nook (Next Gen)  pdf doc (Note:  this is for Nooks other than Color or Tablet)
  • Overdrive Read (Browser-based reader) 4/13  pdf doc
  • Transferring to a Kindle via USB 3/2013   pdf doc
  • Using the OverDrive Media Console app on your Nook Color or Tablet pdf doc
  • Enjoying Audiobooks and eBooks on Your Mobile Device (This includes the iPad)   pdf


Software / Apps

  • Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 (updated 3/2013)   pdf doc
  • Overdrive Media Console App   pdf doc
    • See also: List of devices that use the OMC app: pdf doc

Guides for Librarians

  • Usage Statistics for NEIBORS (updated 9/2014) pdf

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