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WILBOR Purchase Request

Use this form to request an item for purchase.

  • Please let us know your suggestions for items not owned by the WILBOR Library Consortium.
  • We will consider all suggestions for additions to our collection. While we may decide not to add your suggested title to the collection we appreciate your input and value your contribution.
  • Please note that making a suggestion does not reserve the book for you. If you wish to be notified if we purchase the item please provide a valid e-mail address.
This information will be kept confidential.
Enter the name of the library from which you log in
Enter a valid e-mail address if you want to be notified when this item has been added
Enter the author if known
If the item is part of a series, enter the name of the series
Indicate which format you prefer
Add any information that would help us find this item, i.e. where you heard or saw it.
Enter the characters exactly as you see them in the box
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