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Open Access enables users from a participating library to check out physical materials at over 600 other participating Iowa libraries. As a result, Iowans have greater access to more library resources, more choices in library service and the convenience of using a library where they work, shop or visit.

Below are the FY15 report forms and other useful links:


Please use the worksheets below to aid in filling out the online report for the current fiscal year - FY15. Transactions from FY15 will be used to determine funding for next fiscal year - FY16. The online report form will be available in July of 2015. All reports must be filed online for FY15.


  • Online Open Access Report for FY15
    The FY15 online form will be available in July of 2015. You can still login and access last year's reports. This is now the main way to report Open Access transactions. Please do not submit a print form without contacting Scott Dermont first.
  • Printable Open Access Report Worksheet and instructions for FY15
    This page includes the link to the printable worksheet and instructions for how to fill out the report.
  • Contracting cities list FY15 (PDF)
    Contracting cities are now listed on the Open Access Worksheet, and on the Online form. This file can be used to see a complete list of all contracting cities. This list can change over the course of the year, so check this webpage for any updates to this list. This list is created using answers given on the FY13 Public Library Annual Survey and updated to take into account contracts starting or ending July 1, 2014. Updates will be made after the FY14 annual surveys have been submitted. File updated 10/3/2014.
  • Public Libraries not participating in Open Access FY15
    This is the list of public libraries that are not participating in the FY15 Open Access Program. These libraries now appear on the Open Access Worksheet as well. List updated 10/3/2014.
  • Open Access Terms of Agreement FY15 (PDF)
    This file contains all of the details for the FY15 Open Access program.
  • FAQ
    A list of frequently asked questions about Open Access and the rest of the Enrich Iowa funding programs.



Poster to help your customers understand the program.

    • Poster
      Download and print this information to give to customers.


Updated 10/6/2014

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