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State of Iowa Libraries Online. Information about web, email, email lists, silo ill, Iowa Locator, and DNS services.

SILO is a joint program of the State Library of Iowa and the Iowa State University Library. For more information about the SILO program, including our history and the technology we use, see the about SILO section.


SILO offers resource sharing services, including the Iowa Locator and SILO ILL to all types of libraries in Iowa. SILO also offers hosted services including DNS, e-mail, e-mail lists, and web hosting to any public library with a high-speed Internet connection.  For more information about any of our services, including how-to guides and online manuals, click on the name of the service in the tabs below.


Support Information

Form: Support Request


Remote Support: Start Session

Web Service

Web Hosting Service (Updated for Plone 4)

Plone 4 Overview videos
2 short videos to explain the changes of the upgrade to Plone v. 4 that occurred Oct. 5-6, 2013
How-to guides for Plone site administration
The contact content type was discontinued with Plone v. 4. Learn how to add a staff directory and individual staff pages
Contains instructions and information about Plone collective.cover
How-to guides for working with files on your websites
Instructions on how to edit the footer
How-to guides covering forms
How-to guides for working with images on your web pages
How-to guides for working with links on your web sites
News and Events
How-to guides that cover Featured News and Upcoming Events
How-to guides for working with web site navigation
How-to guides for working with site pages
Portlets and Widgets
How-to guides for working with portlets and widgets
How-to guides for site searches
Web Statistics
Instructions and information for finding and using Web site usage statistics
Instructions on how to change to another PLOW theme, change the color of the themes and information on the mobile theme

E-Mail Service

SILO Electronic Mail Service

Information on administrative tasks such as adding, updating, and deleting email accounts
Configure your Android device for SILO email
Calendars, Contacts & Email
Configure calendars, contacts, and email for SILO email
General Information
Configure an automation system or copier for SILO email
iPhone and iPad
Configure your Apple device for SILO email
Configure Microsoft Outlook for SILO e-mail
Outlook Express
Configure Microsoft Outlook Express for SILO e-mail
Spam Filtering
Information on spam detection that SILO uses
Configure Mozilla Thunderbird for SILO e-mail
Web Mail
Use SILO webmail to manage your email


ILL Login
Click here to log into the SILO interlibrary loan website
Borrowing Items
Information about borrowing items with SILO ILL
Lending Items
Information about lending items with SILO ILL
Directory & Account Information
Information about how to add and maintain your library ILL directory information in the SILO ILL system
New SILO ILL User Instructions
Start with these instructions if your library has been newly activated for SILO ILL

Iowa Locator

The statewide union catalog used for locating library items.

View the Iowa Locator
Click here to be taken to the Iowa Locator
Adding items to the Locator
Information about adding holdings to the locator with online add or MARC file upload
Removing items from the Locator
Information about removing items from the locator with online delete, MARC file upload, or Locator Cleanup
Searching the Locator
Information on how to search the locator to find specific items

E-Mail Lists

Information for list subscribers, list administrators, and anyone else interested in SILO e-mail lists.

The information below is for anyone who is a list administrator or moderator for an e-mail list hosted by SILO. This documentation explains how to set up your lists, what the various options mean, and how to manage the membership of your e-mail list
Iowalib is a mail list for members of the Iowa library community. It is used to post library news, to exchange library information (such as policies and procedures), to buy, sell or trade library materials and equipment, and to discuss topics and issues affecting libraries
Iowa Public Library Directors List
The Public Library Directors List is for all public library directors in Iowa. It is used for messages targeted toward directors such as information about reports, specific continuing education and new or updated programs; and requests for information from libraries.
Listing of Public Mailing Lists
Listing of all the public mailing lists on Subscribe to the lists of your choice.
Request a List
Information on how to request a new e-mail list and guidelines for administering e-mail lists
This information is for anyone who is a member of an e-mail list hosted by SILO. It explains how you can subscribe and unsubscribe from e-mail lists, how to change your personal options, and how to interact with other parts of the Mailman system

DNS Service

Domain name registration and hosting services

DNS and hosting services
Information about domain name registration and hosting services
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