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Telling the Library Story Tool Kit

The Telling the Library Story Tool Kit was jointly developed by the Iowa Library Service Areas and the State Library of Iowa to assist Iowa libraries in explaining and demonstrating the value of their services in order to increase use of and support for libraries.  Whether you need a bookmark, a template for creating an annual report, or suggestions for talking with with policy makers, this site has what you need...and more!

Telling the Library Story, like storytelling, brings together elements that weave a compelling tale of the library's value. Storytelling includes a:

  • Plot (What is the library story?)
  • Audience (To whom are we telling the story, and why are we telling "this" story to "them?")
  • Characters (Who are the important people in the story and what makes us care about them?)
  • Technique (How are you going to tell the story? Will you write it? Speak it? Live it? Find your own style, hone your delivery, consider new methods and ideas for telling your library's story.)
  • Script (What are the words that fit together to make the story?)
  • Props (What can you use to help effectively tell the story? What makes the story believable?)

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