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Ideas - 2012 Summer Library Program

The 2012 themes:

  • Children:  Dream Big - Read
  • Teen: Own the Night
  • Adult: Between the Covers


Shared Ideas ...

  • West Branch Public Library - We are planning to do a light painting program for the teens. Here is a link with instructions:
  • Cambridge Public Library - We have a woman that is a cake designer from HyVee in Ames that comes for programs three or four times a year    She always does a really neat one in the summer for our Summer Program, also in the Fall she does one around Halloween, and one for the Spring. Her name is Sara Vanderheyden & works in  HyVee at 640 Lincoln way.
  • Wilson Memorial Library - Keota: "Own the Night" – We have a very dedicated group of teen readers so this was fairly easy...The kids are going to be reading "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" and will meet one day a week for 4 weeks. When they finish the month if they have read the book completely they will have an opportunity to see the movie, with permission of course, since it is being released the end of June.
  • Churdan Public Library - A cute and easy idea is to buy an inexpensive plastic table cloth (dark blue or black).  Take a push pin and punch holes in it.  Put it over a table and the kids can get under it and see "stars".  If you want to make constellations, you would have to take the time to unfold it and put holes where the specific stars would be.

Crafts & Activities


Die Cut Shapes (from your District Offices)

Visit our die cut page for more information about ordering cut-outs from your District Office.  Here are a few of the shapes we have for this summer's theme:

  • bats
  • moon
  • clouds
  • firefly
  • flashlight
  • teddy bears & teddy bear finger puppet
  • astronaut
  • spider
  • rabbit
  • sheep
  • door hanger
  • stars & star bookmarks
  • Saturn

Community Service Ideas for Teens

  • Collect teddy bears for a local charity.  (Some police and fire fighters keep them on hand to comfort children.)
  • Project Linus – -- some fleece blankets require no sewing.
  • ConKerr – -- if you have teens who can sew a bit, making pillow cases for this charity is a good project.

Discussion Starters about Light Pollution (might also be used for a bulletin board or display)

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